A.) Dome Group have carried out the following projects and Al Qubba are able to provide similar services in Iraq.
Project Scope of Work Client Country Year
PO. OR107043-PR108266-Valve Tags & Hex head Bolt Manufacture and Supply of 1000 Valve Tags & 5000 Hex head Bolt BP Iraq 2013
PO. OR107342-PR109074 - K44 Air System Connections and Hoses Supply of air system materials (connections, clips, fittings, houses, hose clamps, ..,etc) BP Iraq 2013
PO. OR107017- PR106355 Testing equipment Supply of Testing equipment for DS's & CPS's, Earth Tester & DC Hipot Tester BP Iraq 2013
PO. OR107432-PR109076-HAND TOOLS Supply of CATU Hydraulic Crimping Tools, Automatic Come Along Claimp, Earthing Kit, Jockey Winch, .,etc) BP Iraq 2013
SIPD-886 Security Infrastructure for the Supply of the Office & Accommodation Cabins Supply and Deliver Office & Accommodation Cabins, Supply and Deliver Electrical Panels and Cables, Supply and Deliver Water System, Supply and Deliver Drainage System, Supply and Deliver Office and Accommodation Accessories) Shell Iraq 2013
SIPD-585 of MFD Area Miscellaneous Civil Works (DS! & DS2) Fabrication of shades, emergency gates and pipe supports at Majnoon oil field degasing stations process area Shell Iraq 2013
SIPD-399 / HV & LV Electrical Upgrade & Miscellaneous Works Electrical upgrade works inside and outside of the switchgear rooms Shell Iraq 2012-2013
CY-13-8015-0054 -Environmental Monitoring in West Qurna-2 Monitoring and reporting the environment status of air, water and sediment at West Qurna-2 Lukoil Iraq 2013-2015
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