Al Qubba have carried out the following projects in Iraq.
Project Scope of Work Client Location Year
SIBA-IRQ-PD-PUR-793 Supplying of cooling water pipes in Train1,2 modification for flushing KEIL Siba Gas Field 2022
CN102803 Maintenance Services for SR Provision of three years Civil Maintenance Service including minor Mechanical and Electrical services for ROO Facilities within SR Rumaila ROO South Rumalia 2021
SIBAIRQ-PD-CON-753 Additional three Evaporation Ponds Provision of Three Evaporation Ponds Construction (No. 7,8 & 9) include internal roads, feed pipe from CPF to bonds area and shades for electrical panels KEIL Siba Gas Field 2021
SIBAIRQ-PD-PUR-776 Media for Potable Water System Filter Supply special sizes of Media materials for Potable Water System Filter KEIL North and South Rumaila, & Qarmat Ali 2021
575 Maintenance Call Off Contract Two years contract for provide skilled resources, equipment and materials to undertake civil work in support of the operations activities for Siba Gas Plant KEIL Siba Gas Field 2020
SIBAIRQ-PD-CON-617-Evaporation Pond Construct evaporation ponds 100X100 m and 100x50m to the north and outside of the CPF with all connections KEIL Siba Gas Field 2020
SIBA-IRQ-PD-CON-482 Construction of Evaporation Ponds next to CPF with HDPE lining surrounded by fence with gates and pumps installation KEIL Siba Gas Field 2019
KEC/BLK9/2018/C-149 Laying out KEC camp in Block 9 by 3000 sqr. Meters of parquet PVC flooring, 3500 skirting and other accessories KEIL Block 9 2018
CN102251 Provision of Civil Maintenance Service including minor Mechanical and Electrical services for Three Years ROO North Rumaila and South Rumaila 2018
PR10054343 Design, Manufacturing, Delivery and Installation of laminated glass partitions Lukoil WQ2 2018
PR10054343 Environment Monitoring Lukoil WQ2 2018
4513103417 Supply voltage relay ABB BGC Khor Al-Zubair 2017
4513127003 Supply Barrel Electric Pump BGC North Rumaila 2017
OR121239 Supply Fuji Kura Batteries ROO South Rumaila 2017
EIA for Siba Gas Field CPF Drilling ground water monitoring wells KEC Siba 2017
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