Al Qubba have carried out the following projects in Iraq.
Project Scope of Work Client Location Year
PO. 4512951312 Supply GE control cards BGC Khor-Alzubair 2017
D/1145 Supply Jointing and Packing materials MRC Baghdad 2017
D/82/2016 Supply Pipes fittings MRC Baghdad 2017
Elevators Supply and Installation of Elevators IOTC Al-Zubbair 2017
PO. 4512878423 Supply of Solar Charging System BGC Khor-Alzubair 2017
PO. KTC-D3025-01 Supply A/C compressors AL-Khudairy Group WQ1 2017
PO. AKTCC-HVAC-01 Repair and operate of chiller and HVAC units AL-Khudairy Group WQ1 2016
PO. 116 Supply of Paint Test Devices Supply various types of Paint Test Devices Petrojet Zubair 2016
PO. 1002-2015 CS order Supply carbon steel pipes, gaskets and other accessories Petrojet North-Rumaila 2016
Valves Repair Maintain and repair of MOV’s Global Trust Enterprises North-Rumaila 2016
PO. 970-2016 Supply various types of Paint Test Devices Petrojet North-Rumaila 2016
PO.4512764294 Supply of A/C split units BGC Khor-Alzubair 2016
PO-1474-2611 (Thermal Insulation Materials) Supply and Installation of thermal materials at three job site – Tuba, Zubai 1 and PS1) UnaOil North-Rumaila, Zubair and Tuba 2015
Geotechnical Soil Investigation Geotechnical services in PS1, North Rumaila UnaOil North-Rumaila 2015
PO-0837-2611 (Pipes Works) Supply, fabricate and install GRP pipes in Tuba, North Rumela and Zubair1 UnaOil North-Rumaila, Zubair and Tuba 2014-2015
Geotechnical Investigations Survey Provide geotechnical services common see water supply pipeline project ILF All oilfields in sothern Part of Iraq 2014-2015
SIPD-810 (Refurbishment of Camp for Majnoon OPF) refurbishment and provide accommodations for up to 120 personnel. Shell Majnoon 2013-2015
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