Al Qubba have carried out the following projects in Iraq.
Project Scope of Work Client Location Year
SIPD-977 Civil Infrastructure Intervention works Civil Infrastructure Intervention Works in Majnoon field; maintain, repair, modification works for the structure inside Majnoon field Shell Majnoon 2013-2015
SIPD-886 Security Infrastructure for the Supply of the Office & Accommodation Cabins Supply and Deliver Office & Accommodation Cabins, Supply and Deliver Electrical Panels and Cables, Supply and Deliver Water System, Supply and Deliver Drainage System, Supply and Deliver Office and Accommodation Accessories) Shell Majnoon 2013-2015
SIPD-585 of MFD Area Miscellaneous Civil Works (DS! & DS2) Fabrication of different size of shades, gates and the required civil works Shell Majnoon 2013
Lube Oil Blending System Supply and Installation of Lube Oil Blending System in the refinery South Refineries Company Shoaiba 2011
PO. OR107342-PR109074 -K44 Air System Connections and Hoses Supply of air system materials (connections, clips, fittings, houses, hose clamps, ..,etc) BP Rumaila 2013
PO. OR107043
PR108266-Valve Tags & Hex head Bolt
Manufacture and Supply of 1000 Valve Tags & 5000 Hex head Bolt BP Rumaila 2013
PO. OR107017-PR106355 Testing equipment Supply of Testing equipment for DS's & CPS's, Earth Tester & DC HipotTester BP Rumaila 2013
OR108906 - PR110741 Supply Motorala Radios and Chargers for CPS2 ROO Rumaila 2014
4511843937 Supply Lamenation Machine & Sheets BGC Khor-Alzubair 2013
OR107955- PR109478 Supply BSP connections ROO Rumaila 2013
SIPD-399 / HV & LV Electrical Upgrade & Miscellaneous Works Electrical upgrade works inside and outside of the three switchgear rooms Shell Majnoon 2012-2013
Topographical Survey and Soil Investigation Tuba Tank Farm –FaoTank Farm Oil Export Pipeline Project and Tuba Tank Farm Upgrade. Kentz Tuba and Fao 2012
Topographical Survey and Soil Investigation. Topographical Survey and Soil Investigation. Kentz WQ2 2011
Survey and Soil Investigation Topographical Report - West Qurna Oilfield Kentz WQ2 2011
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