Supply Services
Al Qubba is a leading supplier and marketer of various equipment to the oil and gas, power, utility, and municipality sectors in the Middle East.

Dome Agencies Include:
  • KAPPA Middle East - Petroleum development software
  • Carroll & Meynell Ltd, UK - LV/LV dry type transformers
  • Ducati Energia S.P.A., Italy - LV, MV, HV Power Factor Correction Capacitors & Capacitor Banks.
  • New Korea Electric Co. Ltd., Korea - Oil filled power transformers, distribution transformers.
  • Thermo Engineering S.R.L., Italy - Thermoelements, probes and systems for temperature measurements.
  • TMC Italia S.P.A., Italy - Cast Resin dry type distribution and power transformers up to 20MVA.
  • CHINETTI S.R.L., Italy - Fire Fighting vehicles for all types.
  • CPL Carbon Link, U.K. - Activated Carbons, Adsoption Equipment.
  • Oil Stop Inc., USA - Oil Spill Booms, Skimmers & Oil Spill.
  • Pompe Cucchi S.R.L., Italy - Metering pumps, diaphragm pumps and gear pumps.
  • Skinner Power Systems, USA - Steam turbines spare parts.
  • Zeeco INc., USA - Flare Systems (regular/smokeless), burners & incinerators.
  • Baker Oil Tools India Pvt. Ltd., India
  • Nouva Fima, Italy - Pressure & temperature instruments.
  • IGS Innovative Gas System, USA - Nitrogen generator - membrane, PSA.
  • Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali S.P.A., Italy - Electric motors and generators.
  • Whitelegg, UK - Electric motor / transformer winding machine s and equipments.
  • APV - Heat exchange
  • Landmark - Software for drilling and completions
  • Hi-Vac Corporation, USA - Mobile industrial vacuum loaders.